The Fastmail Referral Program

Share the experience of email done right with The Fastmail Referral Program.

For every user you refer you receive free credit on your account, and they receive a 10% discount, for a whole year!

How it works

For you:

  1. Your referral link is on your Settings → Refer a friend! page.
  2. Share the link with friends, family, colleagues, the world.
  3. Earn account credit, paid monthly, for every referred user in their first year.

For everyone you refer:

  1. They click on your referral link.
  2. They sign up with a 10% discount.
  3. For a year they maintain their discount for all purchases made.

Referral credit

Your referral credit is calculated based on the average number of users per month, at each plan level.

For example, imagine a user Ricardo. Ricardo is friends with lots of people. Ricardo shares his referral link. Six family members join on a Basic plan, two family members join on a Standard plan, and one person from his sports team converts their small business (with 15 people) to a Professional plan.

Each month in his friends' first year, Ricardo earns the following account credit: (6x $0.30) + (2x $0.50) + (15x $0.90) = $1.80 + $1.00 + $13.50 = $16.30

Your account credit history is shown on your Settings → Refer a friend! page, and on your payment history list off the Settings → Billing & Plan page.

What else you need to know