Catchall/Wildcard Aliases

Looking for general information on aliases?

A catchall or wildcard alias is one that allows all mail to any address at a domain to be filtered into a single account. The user can then use rules based on the To address to sort the mail into separate folders if necessary.

This functionality is useful if you'd like to have separate mail identities for,,, but without the expense of adding extra users (and their logins) in an account.

To set up a catchall alias:

  1. Go to Settings → Users & Aliases
  2. Create a New Alias
  3. Set the email address to be *@<domain.tld>
  4. Optional: update any other options as required. See the aliases page for more information.
  5. Save

Creating an alias also creates a matching account identity. This means you can also send mail using this wildcard alias. Selecting a wildcard alias to send from allows you to manually set the From address (to or, etc).

If you only have a few addresses you receive from and send to, you might prefer to set up specific aliases for each account: then you will also have matching account identities to send from.

Any specific alias that matches incoming mail will override the catchall alias. This feature lets you define specific aliases, and lets everything else come to a central holding pen.